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US Election 2020 Updates (Part-4): Why Trump Says Ivanka is Better than Kamala Harris as VP

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Hopefully, almost everyone is curious about the upcoming US election. So here you can read the US election 2020 updates happily.


As the election is nearing, there has been a plethora of hot topics emerging every single day. One of these is Donald Trump stating that he believes Ivanka would be much better as a vice president than Kamala Harris. 

This was stated during a Republican rally in New Hampshire on Friday. He started an indictment on the qualifications of the Indian-Jamaican origin senator, Harris, for the position as he tagged her as incompetent for the job.

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What made it the highlight?

Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump and Senator Kamala Harris

President Donald Trump chose to rip Kamala Harris down in his campaign rally. Deploying his preferred arguments as in 2016, he implied that the California Senator, Kamala Harris is not the kind of woman who is qualified to be the first woman president and make history. Although he stated that indeed he would like to see the first woman president of the United States, he does not want to see a woman like Harris get into that position.

“She’s not competent. They’re all saying, ‘We want Ivanka,’” Trump said. However, it is not very clear who Trump meant as “They.” He believes that his daughter, Ivanka Trump, who is also a senior adviser at the White House, would be a much better candidate for that role.

Possible reasons for Trump’s claims

In the previous year, Kamala Harris, 55, quit the race because of a decline of popular interest. Before that, she was running for president. It is only recently Harris again became the topic of discussion. Since Joe Biden, candidate for president of the Democratic Party, chose her as his Vice President for the November 3 elections, Harris came back to the political spotlight. Interestingly, she is the first Black woman to be chosen to represent a major political party for the role of Vice President.

Apart from that, she is born to a Jamaican father and an Indian mother. Being the first-ever official of Indian-descent in a presidential campaign, she is also the fourth woman in the United States history to be selected for the national office for vice-president or president.

She brings a much stronger campaign strategy to the competition than Mr. Biden. She has an inspirational ability to catch pure political energy, experience on the debate stage, and to a unique personality and family background. Many of the Democrats saw that Ms. Harris after her own presidential bid broke up last year, was likely to pursue another race for the White House. If Joe Biden wins, she can be named in four or eight years as the de facto party leader, as he decided to choose her.

She was a trustworthy Democratic supporter, with versatile policy priorities that generally mirrored Mr. Biden’s, and his supporters believed that they could strengthen the popularity of Mr. Biden to Black voters and women without especially strong left- and right-wing opposition.

As we see, Kamala Harris has many significant talents, but why did Trump choose to criticize her in his campaign rally? It can be said Trump delivered his speech coated in sheer mockery. He deliberately made fun of the fact that Harris failed in her bid last year for the presidential nomination. She started off strong, but slowly her popularity declined over the months. Trump called her terrible, claiming that since she realized she would not have received popular votes, she chose to drop out of the race.

Judging from this incident, he constantly criticized that you do not want such a candidate for your role. The United States president added that Biden is also on a far-left line, the most extreme far-leftist candidate in American electoral history.

This is not the first time Trump attacked Kamala Harris

Presidential Candidate Former Vice President Joe Biden and His Running Mate Senator Kamala Harriss

Now, earlier we have seen in August how Trump encouraged racist conspiracy theory on Kamala Harris’s competence as a vice president. He made several other false claims that clearly suggests Trump garners hatred towards Kamala Harris. Previously, a few hours after the announcement of Harris as the Vice President candidate, Trump had used the word “nasty” to characterize the presumable Democratic Vice President.

His verdicts back then were infuriating due to indications of sexism and racism. Trump projected that, according to him, it is unlikely that a woman would do the job she was chosen to do and not be inspired by her impulses. After that, for Trumpworld, only one day was needed to bring back “birthism,” the first one Trump used as a political journey.

He unfairly claimed that the citizenry criteria for vice president are not met by Kamala Harris, who was born in California. He stated that since Harris’ parents were immigrants, she cannot be eligible for the vice president role. This claim was, of course, false. However, Trump kept on attacking Kamala Harris verbally.

Trump has introduced yet another unpredictable factor in reviving the birthday playbook as an increasingly confusing way to compete against Biden’s newly celebrated teammate. Alternatively, Trump and the Republicans represented that Harris is a radical leftist. Press allies are curious about how she pronounces her name, and if she is just a Black American with her mixed-race heritage. Surely, the Trump campaign quickly reacted with a video on the website, which labels Harris “Phony Kamala,” accused her of challenging the Democratic Nomination Process to the far-left.

Other than that, Trump also criticized Harris’ appearance and said that during Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmatory hearings, she was “Nasty.” She was named “the meanest” United States Senator by a fundraising message from his campaign. This kind of insult is reminiscent of the 2016 election when Trump mocked Clinton in the televised debate as a “nasty woman.” 

When Biden and Harris first made an official presidential presence, Biden condemned his fellow candidate’s filthy remarks. In trying to settle on a line of argument toward Biden, Trump was likewise convoluted. He named him “Sleepy Joe” because he’s too old to be president.

As we can see, Donald Trump, the one with many issues, has been attacking Kamala Harris on the grounds of racism and sexism for a while. So, this is not the first time. He pulled off similar attacks on Hillary Clinton in 2016. It can be said; he definitely favors Ivanka Trump as she is his own daughter. His daughter, in his eyes, is more competent for the role; this statement is also a form of power practice. There is no other rational reasoning behind this incident.

However, Kamala Harris claimed that the approach of the President had been “a reckless disregard” for the risk that a pandemic could pose to American lives hours prior to Trump giving his acceptance speech at the White House from the South Lawn. She also implied that Trump failed to do the most basic important job, and he failed to protect the people of the States. Needless to say, her verdict is not completely wrong. The public is here to judge.

Senator Kamala Harris Stand on Voting


The debates on the election are nowhere near being over. Both parties have very solid arguments against each other. Truth tastes bitter, and that is exactly what happened for Trump, which in return persuaded him to criticize Kamala Harris as being incompetent. With the number of questionable verdicts coming from Trump, we can only wait for what he is going to deliver next.

Senator Kamala Harris Stand on Dreamers

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