About ME

Eli Mshomi

To many voters, election decisions are tough to make. With the vast amount of information and disinformation floating about, and with no one to provide unbiased knowledge about that and support, then it becomes even harder to answer some of the questions the voters need to know, such as:

• Who should I vote for?
• Why should I vote?
• When should I vote:
• What do I need to do to be able to vote?
• Where can I vote?

Voting is a primary right and responsibility for everyone in America, and I believe no one should be unable to find answers to these questions. I know that you need impartial advice, and I am here to help you navigate the answers to these questions. I have over thirty years as a Data Engineer, with the experience to sort and siphon through the massive data and gain key insights through the analytical tools at my disposal.

• I believe no one should be stuck to answer such questions about that topic

• I know you need someone to help you to navigate into the answers

• I am here for you, with 30+ Years as Data Engineer, I acquired experience to siphon thru data and get the insights using different analytical tools”

Eli Mshomi