Making Choices With Law of Attraction

As followers of The Law of Attraction teaches us that action should only be taken after the emotional event occurred. But what happens when a decision must be before you can be sure of the results? Is it possible to make the wrong choice or perform the wrong action and spoil its manifestation?

All actions and reactions lead to the same conclusion that is the generation of energy. We declare ourselves in these physical bodies for the purpose of creating life through the generation of this energy. So if we create energy is relatively negative it does not make a difference in the grand scheme of things. It actually gives us more things to desire what creates even more energy.

The fear of making wrong decisions are based on the false notion that can spoil our rally or take a big detour cost us precious time. We also think that we just want to experience pleasant circumstances and feel as if we did something bad if we produce the opposite. So let’s clear up these misconceptions.

All decisions and actions that will lead to a greater understanding of who we are and what we want, not only appreciate what we have, but by the discovery of what we do not want. Do you know someone who enjoys food poisoning? I do not. When I arrive I want to experience the feeling of immediate relief. It generates a lot of energy and can be expressed as making a bad choice. This is where we have to relax our view a little. I just created a powerful new appreciation for feeling healthy. When you return to health I will feel this new appreciation for a few days. It may even be the launch of a new healthy lifestyle. It may be just what I needed to refocus my current fitness goals. Not a bad choice, but a means to an end. Not exactly what we were thinking, but that’s part of the surprise that the universe likes to fill itself.

Now for the question of time. As soon as we are afraid of wasting time we will produce the events that help us to waste it. Do not get caught in this trap! Keep the mood, this is the time and that’s perfectly fine. When you relax and let things happen in their own sweet time, time will be sweet. Remember what I fight against, what you fear, what you focus on, always be your dominant vibration and draw to you more of the same.

As for wanting only pleasant experiences, yes, I want you too. I understand and allow everything else, because that’s all I can do, that’s all any of us can do. Energy is just that energy. Look for what it is and the sting of it is needed. The stronger the energy around a major theme is the manifestation will be. If you can stand a little back and look outside the circumstances to see the bigger picture you can catch a glimpse of the power that has just been created!